Modular Grandstand

Modular Grandstand - Structure

Unitech System’s Modular Grandstand (Temporary Seating System) is the most economical and safe system designed to simplify installation and disassembly during indoor and outdoor events. The seating system is adjustable in width and height, so it has the advantage of wide viewing of the audience. In particular, the Temporary Seating for stadium is mainly supplied to single-time sports events, such as the World Cup, the Olympics, and the Asian Games, having significant impact on the cost saving of installation and maintenance.

2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar

(Ahmad bin Ali Stadium)
Stadium frame image14

[Steel+Frame + Truss Structure]

2019 FINA World

Championships Gwangju
Stadium frame image11

[Steel+Frame + Truss Structure]

2019 Anyang Football Club

2019 Anyang FC 1

[Truss Structure]

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Game

a stadium audience seat

[Steel+Frame + Truss Structure]

[Truss Structure]

[Steel+Frame + Truss Structure by using topographical features]

2014 Incheon Asian Game

the stadium stands

[Steel+Frame + Truss Structure]

[Truss Structure]

2013 World Rowing Championships, Chungju

2013 Chungju World Rowing Championships Stadium

[Truss Structure]

Temporary Structure Advantages

an indoor and outdoor prefabricated seat

Simple assembly and installation at indoor/outdoor events

  • Shortening the construction period with simple installation

Seat height adjustable

Adjustable platform width and riser height

  • Easy to obtain visual angle

an iron aisle plate

Steel tread platform/embossed Structure: Prevention of Safety Accidents Assembly hook and groove: anti-shaking and quick construction

  • Application: 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics / 2022 Qatar World Cup

Aluminum aisle plate

Aluminum tread platform: Selectable thickness [30H/50H]

  • Application: 2014 Incheon Asian Games / Various FC stadiums have been installed

Set Configuration Assembly Seat

Quick and easy assembly by the seats made up of a set

Stadium frame image22

Maximizing space utilization

  • Various facilities can be installed by using the lower space.

Stadium frame image21

Easy re-installation after disassembly

  • Recyclable to provide eco-friendly solutions