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Telescopic Seating (Auto tip-up seat)

  • UWF-2

    Retractable theatre seating

    retractable theatre seating

    UWF-2 is a retractable theatre seating system. It is polyurethane mold foam and fully upholstered tip up chair with wooden back and solid wooden armrest.

  • UF-2

    telescopic seating system chair

    telescopic seating system chair

    UF-2 is a telescopic seating system chair It is polyurethane mold foam and fully upholstered tip up chair with solid wooden armrest.

  • UBF-2

    Retractable seating

    retractable seating

    Unitech System manufactures UBF-C2M, a retractable seating system that has ABS armrest and upholstered fabric on on blow-molded H.D.P.E. seat & backrest.

  • UB-2

    Telescoping bleachers

    telescoping bleachers

    UB-2 is one of the many telescoping bleachers that Unitech System manufactures. Tip up chair with blow molded H.D.P.E seat & backrest and ABS armrest.

Telescopic Seating (Foldable Backrest)

  • UBF-1

    telescopic seating

    telescopic seating

    UBF-1 is a telescopic seating system. It is foldable backrest type without armrest (armrest is option) and uholstery fabric on blow molded H.D.P.E.

  • UBF-1A

    telescopic seating system chair

    UBF-1 is a telescopic seating. it is foldable backrest type with armrest and uphoistery fabric on blow molded H.D.P.E

  • UB-1

    retractable stadium seating

    retractable stadium seating

    UB-1 would be a perfect retractable stadium seating solution. It is foldable backrest type without armrest (armrest is option) and no fabric on seat and back.

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  • Retractable seating reference

    Retractable seating reference

    In this page, you can overview many retractable seating and telescopic seating applications that the Korean manufacturer Unitech System have implemented.

  • Retractable seating inquiry

    Retractable seating inquiry

    In this page, you can ask us, or Unitech System, any questions you might have regarding our products. We take every single inquires you sent seriously.

Telescopic Seating (Bench)

  • UBB

    Telescoping bleachers

    - H.D.P.E blow molded double wall bench. Unitech system has famed in manufacturing a wide range of seating system.


  • UWB

    Different kinds of

    telescopic bleachers

    are offered by Unitech System. UWB - a wooden bench. 18mmT Plywood laminated H.P.M. long bleacher. 250mm in depth.

    Telescopic bleachers

  • UBLP

    UBLP -

    telescopic seats

    & blow-molded bench manufactured by Unitech System. One piece, double wall, individual bench, smooth curve and embossing surface.

    telescopic seats

  • UIB

    UIB is a

    telescopic bleacher seating

    solution offered by Unitech System. One piece, injected bench with P.E. They make long linear bench type.

    telescopic bleacher seating

  • UIP

    Unitech System is a reliable Korean manufacturer that manufactures telescopic seating system,

    retractable tiered seating

    systems, stadium seats and others.

    Retractable bleachers